Getting back to Oslo

I already left Darmstadt and I am on my way back to Oslo now. The unpleasant surprise is that Germanwings no longer flies to Oslo. I have no idea why they stopped serving this direction in the middle of the season — I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere, there are just no more flights between Cologne and Oslo (the webpages of both airports confirm this so this isn’t a glitch in Germanwings’ database). That means that I will fly from Düsseldorf with Norwegian which is slightly less convenient. But at least I will spend a few more days in Cologne.

I have to be finished with my PhD in two months, so I guess I will be very busy now. Don’t expect to see much Adblock Plus progress during this time and I probably won’t look at the forum all too often. As usually, anything urgent is better sent with a mail directly to me. I cannot promise a fast reply but I will look at it.


  • IceDogg

    Good luck with everything, and thanks for the very hard work you’ve done here. It’s far more than anyone could have expected, so if it slows down some you’ll still be doing more then most extension owners. THANK YOU

  • eupator

    Good luck with your doctorate!

  • rick752

    Bummer about your airline, Wladimir.

    Congratulations (in advance) “DR. WLADIMIR PALANT” (sounds cool!) I know that you will breeze through this step in your education. You are definitely an amazing person.

    We’ll try to keep up with as much here as we have the knowledge to. There are some very amazing people in this forum (y’know … besides you :-)

    Good luck!

  • Greg

    As someone just beginning my MA – I wish you all the luck.

  • insignificant

    Congratulations on the doctorate. I’m envious. I earned a B.S. in chemistry and was so burned out from working nights and going to school days that I vomited at the thought of more of the same. Now I’m basically unemployed. [AHEM] But anyway… :/