Legal implications of security research

The Chilling Effect is quite interesting read (yes, the article is a few months old but I only discovered it now). It shows nicely how security research on web applications is different from research on software you install on your computer. It also shows why responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities is so rare in this field. I also find it very interesting how it explains that most software is of a low quality.


  • MX

    Wladimir, maybe youve seen this already, but the sheer hubris of Herr Peter Smith is something not trivial. Your extension (NoScript, too) are among top Firefox extensions to avoid, according to ComputerWorld. I wonder what the weather is like on his home planet? BTW, I never heard of Nuke Anything Enhanced before I read this article…

    Wladimir Palant

    Yes, I have seen this article. I even commented on it already:

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