Moving again

I am finished here in Oslo, so I will move to Cologne next week. In some way I feel sad about it, I really liked Oslo. On the other hand, I will finally be in the same country as everybody I care about, it has been too long. Anyway, goodbye Norway and welcome Germany!

On a related note, it seems that I won’t have internet access the next week. My internet provider wanted to get rid of me so much that it decided to disconnect me one week before the date I asked.


  • Seth Wagoner

    You sorted for a job Wladimir? I was sorta hoping we might get Interclue funded in time to ask you if you wanted to join the fun, but we took quite a while just to launch the thing. Still, who knows, now that we’re finally “out there” anything could happen. Regardless, if you’ve got a free moment download the XPI from – I’m just working on getting it into the AMO Sandbox…and a dozen other things…