New job

I have been very silent recently, but I think it is time to give an update on what I am doing. Today is officially the first day on my new job — I am joining the developer team behind TomTom HOME. Nice at least one of my hobbies (Mozilla) has made it to a job. TomTom allowed me to stay in Cologne but I expect going to Amsterdam rather frequently.


  • IceDogg

    Congratulations, and I wish you well on the new job.

  • rick752

    Terrific, my friend. Very awesome. I think this would be a good company to work for. Tom-tom is a well (*cough*) advertised product in the U.S. Seems like quite the nav system.

    Congrads :D

  • Neglacio

    Well, if you’re going to move to Amsterdam, bring me a visit ^^

  • Mal15

    Congratulations, I’ve always been a fan of your greak work.
    It seems Tom Tomm too!
    You got skills, with this new job more people will be aware of that.
    Good luck, I wish you well on this job… and on Adblock Plus!

  • Philip

    Congratulations on the new job,hope it goes well for you. Huge fan of Adblock plus.
    Whilst you’re at TomTom ask them for some linux support for TomTom sat Navs,at the moment I have to use a virtualised Xp to update it. TomToms are Linux based after all,one of my reasons for choosing the brand.
    I can’t browse the web for 5 minutes without Adblockplus!!

    Wladimir Palant

    I actually did ask that yesterday :)
    They want to support Linux and Mac OS X, it just takes time to get there.

  • Nicolas Bourdais

    Hi I saw that tomtom home2 is available for Mac Os X, but can you tell us more about the state of the linux’ port?


    Ps: I hope you enjoy Adventszeit and Christmas’ markets, that’s what I miss most from Germany.