Get WebRunner 0.5 while it is hot!

I have been using WebRunner for a few weeks now, and it is pretty useful. It allows me to use some web applications independently from my browser — which makes sense, since these web applications have a user interface of their own and don’t require the full power of the browser. The web applications then appear in my taskbar with the correct icon instead of cluttering the browser with tabs. In addition, this allows the web applications to run constantly, even if I frequently restart my browser (which happens sometimes). And finally, I no longer need to be logged in at Google in my browser, one site less allowed to set permanent cookies.

Of course I found some things to improve, and now I see that Mark Finkle incorporated my changes in WebRunner 0.5. I will hopefully find time for more changes, there is quite a few other things I would like to have in WebRunner.


  • Luke

    Hey, just wanted you to know that I recorded a video tutorial for using Adblock. Thought you might be interested:

    Wladimir Palant

    Thanks, this looks interesting.

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