Who I am

My "photo"

My name is Wladimir Palant and I’m mostly blogging about security topics these days. You will often see me taking apart browser extensions because I’ve been developing those myself since 2003. One particularly well-known project of mine is Adblock Plus which I developed originally. Eventually I co-founded eyeo, a company to take care of this project. I’m still developing the browser extension PfP: Pain-free Passwords while my other extensions became obsolete over time.

My writing is meant to help people learn. So I aim to provide information on both how vulnerabilities can be found and how these can be prevented in your own code. I won’t merely discuss security issues but also try to draw generic conclusions from those and give recommendations.

Despite researching security topics since at least 2007 I still do it as a hobby rather than my job. I experimented with earning money via bug bounty programs, which resulted in acceptable income. However, other aspects eventually turned me away from bug bounties. In particular, I want to write about my research and don’t want to be prevented from it by a company taking years to fix an issue.