Status update

You probably noticed that I have been very quiet lately — I only managed to reply a few of the incoming mails, almost didn’t comment in bug reports and didn’t visit the Adblock Plus forum at all. Main reason is that I finally moved with my wife to our own apartment in Cologne and we simply didn’t have Internet at home yet. This means that I only had Internet access at work where I had already enough to do with getting TomTom HOME 2.0 ready for a release (note that “at work” is a little abstract when you are working remotely, so far it was defined for me as “a place where I have Internet”).

Other reason is of course that many (good) things kept me very busy — the new apartment (we like it very much but getting everything we need takes time), wedding celebration (surprisingly, almost everything went perfectly), our honeymoon (the weather in Cannes was perfect, and likewise everything else), new job (building a great application on top of Mozilla platform). I will spend the next week in Amsterdam, but in September I should finally catch up with everything I neglected for a while — including Adblock Plus.


  • MonztA

    Ah, good news! Good to hear you will be back soon. :)

  • Andy Slezak

    Wladimir – glad to hear you are doing well. I always follow your (high quality) work as it progresses, and wondered where you were. It sounds like you’ve managed to find some quality downtime. Just wanted to say congratulations, and you (and your efforts) are appreciated.


  • rick752

    OMG! Thank you Wladimir for coming back online. I am SOOOOO glad to see you finally come back here. I was getting a bit worried when you told me your were going to write a blog but then didn’t. Someone needs to ‘stabilize’ me from time to time around here :-)

    I am thrilled for your new apartment, your marriage, and your new job. I am glad that your life is going great for you and that you have finally showed up again.

  • Ricardo C

    You’ve done such a great job!!

    I’ve been a firefox user since v 1.0, but I discovered your extension until now thanks to… the guy who wrote a php script to block all firefox users (the one that says we are thieves)!

    Thanks a lot to that kid that is promoting your site… are you sure it’s not a market strategy of yours?? lol

  • James

    I love the extension! Great work. I have an idea, which I am sure others have thought of, and someone may already be working on, but I think it would be good. Would it be possible to build an extension that would determine if a site, listed in the search results, was the same as an ad appearing in the search result page, and if so, eliminate both from view? This would be nice, since many of the sites with ads are there because of the ads. It could make for a much more honest search experience.

    Wladimir Palant

    You can probably suggest this to the authors of the Customize Google extension, they might find it worth implementing.

  • Will

    Great news Wladimir. Congratulations ! Being happy is not easy as one may think, for you need to be a nice person in the first place! Thank you for your work and kindness.